Taiwan's Top Importing Partners

The U.S. 
The United States was Taiwan's third largest trading partner in 2006, which was surpassed only by Mainland China and Japan. The United States has always been an important trading partner with Taiwan. The United States and Taiwan have achieved rapid integration in the electronics and IT sectors. The United States is one of the Taiwan's top trading partners due to Taiwan's low cost in manual labor, so the United States buys goods at a low price and then sells the goods for double the price to create profit. Taiwan has been negotiating with the  U.S.for a free trade agreement, but this has been difficult due to the People's Republic of China's diplomatic interference.

Japan was Taiwan's second largest trade partner and the trade partner with which it had the largest deficit. Taiwan has a historical trade deficit with Japan as many Taiwaqn industries, particularly the main export industries such as information technology, electronics and automotive, rely heavily on parts and manufacturing technology from Japan.

Cross-straits trade relations have rapidly increased over the last decade, to such an extent that China has now become Taiwan's main trade partner. Taiwan's exports to mainland China accounted for 39.8% of the islands total exports, making China Taiwan's most important overseas market. IN the past Taiwan mainly exported products such as textiles, raw materials, and semi finished footwear articles. Nowadays however, Taiwan's main exports to Mainland China were electrical equiptment, mechanical appliances, plastic products, and fossil fuels. China and Japan are two of Taiwan's main trading partners due to the fact that these countries are all considered to being apart of South East Asia, and it is very easy to recieve and send goods to and from each country.